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Artist / writer / film maker / 'other' tries to make the world better against the odds. Henrik G Dahle, that's me. I write and produce film, theatre, music video, documentary, arts, design and web stuff. Directing and making / building - using my hands and with computers. I can be a creative consultant, ear / soundboard.
I don't however see the point in working on projects that aren't a part of the solution to our impending world in crisis. Thanks.

Here's my formal CV for some detail. Or you may be more interested in the detail inside the window to my soul.

P.S. ...Gauntlett and Son?
This was the 'company' name I began giving to my films in 2002. I had also seen a documentary about a 1950's regional film studio in the UK, who made themselves appear bigger than they were, in order to compete with established London film studios; they made up names in the credits and such. This was partly my motivation since I was chasing my childhood dream of becoming a successful director. Conversely however, - I was never comfortable with the arrogance of a director claiming a film as solely 'theirs'; film making is utterly collaborative.


Email Henrik: contact [ a t ] gauntlettandson dot com
Phone: (UK) +44(0)7761805900
Skype: mrgauntlett

For tree tweets

I'm writing a book

'(Art of Climbing) Trees'
An Adventure & a Manifesto

I climbed a tree every day for a year and invited people to climb with me, recording our conversations up trees. Each tree was an art project and diary entry.



Uptrees crowd fund


G.a.S. Showreels

Latest (old) show reels of film work. A combination of commissioned work, challenge films and spontaneous film making for the fun and practice of it.
Here's a selection those films.

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Narrative Fiction



Yesterday Tomorrow is the working title for a feature script written by HG Dahle

Gauntlett Institute

We are giving media and design support to the Gauntlett Institute. A newly revived innovation hub for a world in crisis.

'Our findings are so hard to believe - no-one believes them'



WikiReadings Project

WikiReadings are Wikipedia pages read aloud to camera verbatim - the human faces of our encyclopaedia. This new project launched at the Wikimania 2014 conference at the Barbican centre, London.


Yesterday Tomorrow is the working title for a feature script written by HG Dahle


Feature Script in Development working with Colin Gardiner of TallDog.

'Michael finds himself travelling the wrong way through time to right a wrong and save his own future'.

Uptrees exhibition. To end a year of climbing trees and meeting people.
The Uptrees exhibition at Maihaugen, Lillehammer, Norway. A bird made a nest in it! I was chuffed to bits.


A feature script in development loosely based on 'The Last Line' (below). Philosophical comedy drama about (The) Phlogisten.

'A fake love affair, the mystery of the objective, the anti arc, the cinema in a cinema on the screen, - and wrap parties, lots of wrap parties'.

'The Summer is Working'
Short film made with artist Helen Plumb for UpTrees.
Fixing Helix Aspersa

Fixing Helix Aspersa

The latest short film coming soon. Summer 2012 was a good time to stretch my film making legs after a writing sabbatical. Working on this with the brilliant D.O.P. Woody James, long time collaborator and sound recordist turned actor, David Bekkevold, and eternally patient and creative editor, Jacob Parish of the Small Story Tellers. With beautiful music from Bela Emerson. Really proud of this little film!

Explosions Do Happen In Space.
Latest short film.
Build My Future

Build My Future

Working with MFMC, G & S have delivered consultancy and produced two films to support this dynamic educational game involving puppet making.


BUILD MY FUTURE - Sharon and Max 

Project: plant my life's weight in CO2.

Rehab Rd

I sort of had this idea that we should be living in more like a paradise rather than breathing toxic fumes and being run over by cars. That children can't play out anymore, that climate change is real and cars are causing it etc. The project is on the back burner. The idea was to get people involved in redesigning their streets.



Angus Brel

'Oh Plastic Bag' - The single from Angus Brel

G & S are managing Brel's European releases. Catch a glimpse of his genius with Part 1 of this heart wrenching number live at the Shepherds Bush Empire.

Previous works involved a bit of politics, a field of yellow flowers and sunshine. Here's I could Never Vote Green on the Tube.

Buy the single on Itunes
Project: plant my life's weight in CO2.


Getting a tree planted in every country of the world.

Another book in the making while I balance the CO2 produced by my life. Making contact with people from each of the approx. 200 nations. Asking them to dedicate a tree to a person, or an idea and contribute to an inspiring book.
444 is the ideal number of hertz an orchestra should tune up to

The Last Line. A newish play by Henrik G Dahle

The Last Line

A play written by Henrik G Dahle. A chaotic comedy drama about the script and the right to rewrite it.
It was road tested at the Tobacco Factory Theatre in 2008. One audience comment, - 'Like the Ouselern bird that flies in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up it's own exhaust pipe - but I'd recommend it'.

Imagine My Future. An inspirational show for 9 year olds.

Imagine My Future

A touring theatre performance for year 5/6's. A scientist sends his lab assistant back to school to make more of missed opportunities. G.A.S has been involved in this show since inception in 2007. Writing, directing and producing the show in collaboration with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, Bristol City Council and the brilliant Nathan Hughes from Mindpaw.


The tale of the Butterfant and the Elephly

'The Tale of the Butterfant and the Elephly'

An illustrated children's story. Working with Oslo based illustrators Smaapigerne. The story of an unlikely friendships in a post apocalyptic world. Poetic and uplifting with a bit of drama.

We are looking for a publisher interested in this beautiful and unusually illustrated children's story.